Hello again

Been awhile since I’ve posted. Now that summer is over and life has settled into a comfortable routine I’ve been able to spend some time in the shop.  

 Started on doors for the tool cabinet

  Adding a case to the doors for extra storage
The time comes in spurts so I really need to be ready to go when I go into my room. I’ve sort of given up on tidying up the floor everytime I’m done

 Starting to see the progress

  Fitted the plane till
I’m going to hang the doors when I get home and likely mount the cabinet to the wall. The tool holders and such will come as time permits. This project is getting long in the tooth so I’m thinking I’ll break it up and build something else along the way and customize this cabinet to suit as I go. I’m really surprised with the amount of tools I’ve accumulated in the short year and a half I’ve been into this hobby. 

Been getting into a little spoon carving to pass time on the job  


 Would you believe this is only polished cherry with no finish? Went from 220 grit to 1000grit but that plugged instantly so I just kept rubbing

  Also made myself a solid head mallet just for the challenge 
I’ve learned a lot since last post and it’s been fun. The job isn’t driving me nuts as bad as it was but I’d still rather be in the shop. Until next time, enjoy yourselves. Randall

4 thoughts on “Hello again

    1. Thank you John. Not overly impressed with my mallet but with the experience gained I know the next one will be the one that pleases me. My previous one was laminated, really wanted to try a solid head mallet.


  1. That looks like some nicely done work. I haven’t tried spoon carving myself, but it looks like you have a talent for it. I did make a mallet recently after watching an episode of The Woodwright’s Shop in which Roy Underhill made one. Nice collection of planes in the till!


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