What a hot summer

wow it’s been a hot dry summer so far. Haven’t spent much time in the shop until today. Made a little progress on my tool cabinet, found out the dog has been taking dumps behind my bench but mostly I was glad to get a little bit of work done and forget everything else. Last shift at work I whittled a spoon for my 1yr old son. I actually surprised myself with how well it turned out 

 Started out as a poplar branch

The only food grade finish I had was some butcher block oil and man did this little spoon drink it up, I found this really surprising because I started with a green branch. 

Made good headway on the cabinet within my cabinet making two side strips with dados to receive a shelf and a couple strips in front of those for spacing/hinge mounting.  

 Upper shelf will have doors that will also have tool storage on them

Also started on the doors 

 glued up the door assembly as one piece. I’ll cut it in half later.

I’m at the point in the upper case that I’m stalled until I get hinges. I’ll either start on the doors or the bottom shelf/drawers with dividers. I’m definately more excited about the doors which will be frame and panel 2-3″ thick. They will also have swing out doors on them for 2 levels of storage as well as shelves. This thing is going to have so much storage that I may be able to get my whole collection of tools in it…..for now. 

In case you wondering, the cover picture is one of over a hundred fires burning up north. Here’s a couple more 

   this one was taken at 7pm 250km north of me.

 No homes have been lost as of yet. We really could use some rain our way.

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