Kitchen island ?

  Makes me wonder what my “kitchen island” could fetch on eBay. 

Not enjoying work tonight. Keep thinking about how much more satisfying it would be to have a beer by the fire or working on my tool cabinet. Sigh

7 thoughts on “Kitchen island ?

  1. So, may I offer an observation and a slice of unsolicited advice?

    I notice our shared dissatisfaction with how things are.

    Here is the advice. Its worked for me, but, in all honesty took a ton of effort.

    Since you are pointed in a direction that will/could/might/should bring you great professional satisfaction(woodworking professionally) and really are held hostage by a profession that does not (trucking), it will be crucial to maintain a positive mindset at the place that sucks your soul, and a critical eye on the plan that brings you happiness right now.
    Its a bit of a paradox, this working at the soul sucking job to pave the way to work at a job that may or may not ultimately be as lucrative and satisfying as you once hoped it would be. (This is where the critical eye comes in by the way)
    All I am saying is, I have found great rewards in pushing through super lame jobs desperately trying to find positive things to cling to until I could find something better or strike out on my own. I do know THAT was work in and of itself, bit ultimately, was well worth the effort.

    Chin up dude, you will be shocked at how much better things feel if you can truly find a way to flip the “positive” switch….I swear.

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    1. Great advice. I can’t put a finger on exactly when I’ve become dissatisfied with my job but I can say this is a very new experience. Maybe it’s something to do with getting older.


      1. Ya know, I would say that’s probably true. I know for me, and mind you this is still when I was working in cabinet shops, I had the double whammy. I was working wood AND hated my job.
        Working wood for yourself, and doing it as a way to put food on your table, can be two completely different things. Also, working wood for a living can kill the love affair with woodworking quickly if you let it.
        That said, it can also be a rewarding way to make ends meet too. But its usually a tough road. At least in the beginning, later as you decide on what product(s) work best and sell best, things CAN get better and successful movement forward can happen.
        I dont know if this is an option for you, but I would consider looking for a cabinet shop in your area to work at part time if possible. This way, you keep the bread and butter gig, and get a taste of how money is being made in woodworking by the majority of shops.


      2. I’ve considered that option. It will likely be a huge pay cut which itself is not bad if it rewards you with satisfaction. I’ve recently been presented with an opportunity that I just may take. It won’t be working wood but it will be working for myself and would likely include winters off to pursue dreams. I think that thought is what is souring my attitude toward my current job which I should truly be grateful for, it pays exceptionally well for the level of skill required.


      3. Well now, that sounds better. Also, I am happy to see you mention greatfullness in your response. That’s huge and is also a great way to generate positive vibes moving forward… me on this, its brutal to get started generating a grateful, positive attitude. So, so, so worth it though.


      4. I really appreciate your replies and encouragement. I can’t say for sure how this came to be, but somehow I’ve let myself get negative and it is a new thing to me. A guy gets in that temperament and it becomes hard to ignore as it begins to eat you alive. Again thanks for the dialogue and helping me to see things from a different vantage.


      5. Been there, done that, got the T-shirt. Nothing wrong with not liking your circumstances. Its how you move forward and deal with the adversity that matters…..enjoy the ride, life is way, way too short not to.


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