It’s still there

  So many of these large timbers under every tank I haul from. 

Still trudging along looking forward to some time at my bench. Night 10 of a 12 day shift. Hauling this fluid is such soul robbing work. The longer I go, the more I think home, family, and wood. The company I haul for has these huge 3×12 boards supporting every tank. There’s at least 10,000 tanks. It’s not exotic wood,mostly pine and fir, but I think what I might make from these large pieces. Chairs, tables, a massive workbench, the possibilities are limited only by your creativity. What would you build?

  Meanwhile I’ll get back to reality

2 thoughts on “It’s still there

  1. Interesting, as a teenager in the 60s I worked in a lumberyard. We started getting lumber from the Orient and the palettes were made out of mahogany and just the most gorgeous woods. One of the drivers would take it and he didn’t turn it all in the furniture — just a thought

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