4 nights to go

sometimes I can’t help but think to myself “what a waste of my time”. It’s become perfectly clear to me, driving this truck for a paycheque is just not going to cut it anymore. The fact remains that bills need to be paid so here I find myself week after week. It’s not going to happen tomorrow or the next day, it will likely take years. It’s exciting though, after 38 years of going along in life rather aimlessly I’ve found a path less travelled that suits me. 

  Here’s a little progress on a tool cabinet build

I wonder how many go all the way through life as I did up until recently. I envy people that had good direction from a young age.

The job is calling. Til next time, enjoy life.


3 thoughts on “4 nights to go

  1. First off, based on the picture above, that bench looks far from inadequate as you related in a previous post.

    Second, the dovetails I see look deliciously tight and true. Very well done indeed.

    Third, welcome to the road less traveled. I will be reading your blog with interest. Just dont forget to get your 10 hours.

    Feel free to drop me a line too if you ever just need to chat about woodworkimg. Always good to have a kindered spirit in your corner.

    Keep it up.

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